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Budget Plus +

Budget Plus +

Budget Plus +

Which banks does the system work with?

How much does Budget Plus cost?

Do I need to use online banking to use Budget Plus?

Budget Plus will work for all banks. Currently there are maps provided for Barclays and Lloyd's. The system will however calculate a map for other banks when you load the transactions. If you have a problem then let us know and we will create a map manually.  

Budget Plus costs £6.50 per month or £71.50 per year when paid annually (1 month free).  All subscriptions are automatically recurring but can be cancelled by giving notice at least one week before the payment is due.

Yes, you do need to use online banking. The transactions are loaded into Budget Plus from a .csv (Comma separated values) file. You create this file from your online bank account by selecting the transactions from the transaction listing using a start date. This is a very simple process and takes less than a minute.  Full instructions are contained within the manual.

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