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Terms & Conditions

These are our terms and conditions of service.  They may be amended from time to time.

1. Our software is sold as seen.  Whilst we make every effort to ensure that the software is bug free, it is almost impossible to guarantee, owing to changes in Windows and other background software.  If you discover a bug, please report it to us using a Support ticket on the contact section of Budget Plus.  We will then deal with the problem and issue a new version.

2. We do not do refunds unless an error has been made by us.

3. Cancellation. To cancel your account or a sub account please request this on a Support ticket. The request will be activated as of the date of expiry of your current payment.

4. Payments.  All payments are in sterling. Payments are made on the 'Payments' tab of the software.  All payments are auto recurring and will be taken on the 1st of the month/year as appropriate.  Invoices will be sent before a payment is taken, in the case of monthly payment, 1 week before, for annual payments, 2 weeks before.  Invoices can be viewed or printed on the 'Payments' screen of the software.

The payment is done securely through Stripe. We don’t store or even see any of your credit card information.

5. Trial Periods. These will run from the date of installation, to the 1st of the following month. An invoice will be sent as per payments above. Failure to pay the invoice within 2 weeks will cause the account to be suspended.

6. Privacy. Our full privacy policy can be viewed on this web site. In a nut shell however, we will do everything we can to protect your data.  We will not release your data to any third party except where necessary for the legal operation of our business. 

7. Updates. From time to time we will need to issue an update to the software. These will be automatically installed. We will keep them to a minimum.  We understand how annoying they are.

8. Neither John's Useful Software or any of its products offer financial advice in any form. Whilst we present your information in a clear and concise manner, all conclusions are your own and we cannot accept any responsibility for them or their results.

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